Arthur Schnabel

“Artur Schnabel is a pianist unlike any other. One is conscious in listening to him of a powerful and original mind revealing unsuspected meanings and complications in music as familiar as Brahm’s Intermezzi and Beethoven’s “Waldstein” Sonata. His tone is as a rule dry in anything above a piano, but a sudden touch of pedal will sometimes irradiate it, while in his pianissimo he has an endless variety. He played to a full house at Grotrian Hall for the Pianoforte Society on November 26, and appeared less like a pianist playing music than like a scientist who discourses on a fascinating subject.”

The Musical Times, January 1928.

Cited in: Scholes, Percy (1947) The Mirror of Music. London: Novello & Company, vol. 1, p. 320.

By Greg

Australian composer and pianist