It’s Oh So Quiet

In 1995, Bjork released a big band jazz cover of Betty Hutton’s 1948 hit “Blow a Fuse”. This was a cover of an Austrian song “Und jetzt ist es still” by Hans Lang and Erich Meder.

Bjork said of the song:

Isn’t that the best song you’ve heard for five years? In a way it was against my principles to do an old cover version because I’m so anti-retro. But it has this story, this narrative: there’s a beginning and something happens in the middle and the ending is different. So many pop songs, especially with English lyrics, are just 900 different ways of saying “she left me!” Which I actually love because it’s pop, just one idea, very simple, and it doesn’t mean it’s cheap. I can relate to it, but I belong to the storytelling group.”

Source: Creswell, Toby (2005) 1001 Songs: The Great Songs Of All Times. Prahan, Victoria: Hardie Grant Books, p.101-102.

By Greg

Australian composer and pianist