Musical taste in England in 1925

A general perspective of musical taste in Britain in the 1920s can be seen in the letters to radio broadcasters. In 1926, the B.B.C. (at that time, the British Broadcasting Company) (1) compiled correspondence to the company. In the week ending December 4, of the 7600 letters received, 302 were critical:

  • 125 condemned dance music
  • 65 were general growls
  • 52 were against alternative programs
  • 39 condemned talks
  • 20 objected to individual artists
  • 1 objected to religions
    The BBC also reported that “eighteen months ago classical music was definitely unpopular. To-day there are more enemies of dance music in our correspondence than of classical.” (2)

(1) It would become the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1927.
(2) Statement issued by the B.B.C., January 1926.

Cited in: Scholes, Percy (1947) The Mirror of Music. London: Novello and Company, vol. 2, p.796.