Teaching methods and education

The status of classical music in Australia

“I would like to see the emphasis in teaching shift from the performer to the three elements necessary for satisfying music-making: the composer/ improviser, audience and player. I would also like to see the intelligent, inspired exploration of the question of interpretation – in Indian classical music, for instance, it is the opening up of interpretation of the various jatis and ragas and the innovations in improvisation which are prized by Indian audiences. If western art music is to remain part of contemporary culture and not be simply relegated to the museum, then it must continuously re-invent and catalyze itself. Competitions and exams block this process by reinforcing the status quo. And we know where that ends – advertisements for supermarkets.”

Michael Kieran Harvey, What would Peggy Do? (14th Annual Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address, 2012). Cited at: New Music Network,, accessed 19 November 2012.

By Greg

Australian composer and pianist