Stokowski rebukes

The conductor Stowkoski was always in complete control of his orchestra:

He never lost his tempoer with the orchestra, never raised his voice.  On the contary, he would lower his voice for a subtle rebuke or a sarcastic comment.

Schwar recalled Stokowski saying, “Second clarinet, don’t play notes – sing them.”  To the first violist, he said, “Make up your mind.  Either you must ask the orchestra to tune to your A or you must learn to play in tune with theirs.  You are always sharp.  Not your mind – just your intonation!”

“I’ll try to do it your way,” said a cellist after Stokowski had made a suggestion.  “Don’t do anything for me,” Stokowski answered. “Do it for the music.  That’s what I’m doing it for.”

 Source: Chasins, Abram (1979) Leopold Stokowski: A Profile.  London: Robert Hale, p.72.