Reactions to classical music

The only way to take classical music out of the museum is to stop playing it in a museum.  The adventurous cellist Matt Haimovitz said as much recently, when he toured dive bars, pizza parlours, and roadhouse juke joints with the [Bach] Cello Suites.  “People were reaction to the music as it was going by,” Haimovitz told CBC Radio, “and if they really enjoyed something or were impressed by something, they howled or whistled or sighed, and yet they were totally riveted to the music.  At first it was disconcerting because I’m so used to waiting until the end of the piece for the reaction, but having an immediate reaction like that was extraordinary, and in my opinion in character with these pieces – they should make you laugh and cry and everything else.”

Cited in: Siblin, Eric (2009) The Cello Suites. Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin. p.47.