A Beethoven fan

In an interview with Beethoven scholar K. E. L. Nohl, Schubert’s friend, Moritz von Schwind revealed that Schubert sold his books so that he could get tickets to the third version of Beethoven’s opera, Fidelio.

Ferdinand Luib

In an interview with Ferdinand Luib, Anselm Hüttenbrenner stated that Schubert’s favourite works were Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Mass in C, and the song Adelaide. Schubert also dedicated Eight Variations on a French Song for piano duet (D624) [1822] to Beethoven ‘with profound respect and admiration’.

On 29 March 1827, Schubert was among the torch-bearers at Beethoven’s funeral at Währing district cemetery.

Source: Clive, Peter (1997) Schubert and His World. Oxford: Clarendon Press, p.10.