Debussy’s recreational activities

Often at the end of the day Gaby [Debussy’s lover] would discover that they had a little money left over and then they would go out to a café, or circus, or to watch a billiards match. Debussy was very fond of the game. At the circus he loved the clowns and was as excited by the childish amusements as if he were a child himself. He also liked the popular singer Jeanne Bloch, intended “for adults only,” who more undressed than dressed, but with a small cap cocked over one ear “threw at her audience her drunken voice, her big stomach, her large breasts and her fat behind.” The audience roared and Debussy enjoyed both the act and the public.

Source: Seroff, Victor (1956) Debussy: Musician of France. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, p.83.