Beethoven our artistic brother

It is the function of art to bring to us emotions, thoughts, states of mind and heart which are larger and more exalted and more intense than those we can produce ourselves, but which we can still recognize as possible within the compass of our imagination, still lying within our capacity for thinking and feeling. There is nothing unrecognizable in Beethoven’s music, even at its most difficult. Balzac [in Le Cousin Pons] wrote of the gift many people possess which he called ”the genius of admiration,of comprehension, the sole faculty whereby an ordinary man becomes the brother of a great poet.” Beethoven makes it easy for any one of us to become the brother of a great poet.”

– George Marek.
Cited in: Marek, George (1969) Beethoven: Biography of a Genius. London: William Kimber, p.632-634.