Audio to text transcription and captioning


Emotemuse Music Services provides transcription services from audio/video to text.

  • lectures, dictations, sermons
  • interviews
  • group discussions
  • documentaries, films

Subjects areas include:

  • the arts and humanities
    • film and entertainment
    • history
    • literature and dramatic arts
    • music
    • religion and spirituality
    • psychology
    • sociology
    • visual arts
  • sciences and health
  • business and finance
  • legal

Due diligence is taken to research context to ensure accuracy or names and terminology.

Transcriptions are presented in a clear, readable format, focusing on the flow of the conversation by eliminating false starts in sentences, disfluencies, and unnecessary interjections.


  • standard projects will be delivered as .docx files
  • captioning projects will be delivered as time coded .srt files ready to synchronize to your video


Standard transcription US $1.00/audio minute
Time stamps US $1.10/audio minute
Verbatim US $2.00/audio minute
Verbatim with time stamps US $2.10/audio minute
Standard captioning (time coded .srt) US $2.00/audio minute




What is an audio minute?
Rates are charged on the length of audio file. For example, a 27 minute audio file with standard transcription would total $27.

What language conventions will be used?
You can select between UK English or US English for spelling and formatting. UK English follows the conventions of the Oxford style, while the US English follows the that of Chicago style.

What is a verbatim transcript?
Verbatim transcripts include every nuance of sound is notated, including false starts and disfluencies.

At what intervals are time stamps placed?
By default, time stamps are placed every two minutes. You can request a different placement interval.

How long will it take to receive my transcripts?
This will depend on the length of material to be transcribed and current work load, but usually within 24-72 hours. You’ll receive an estimate once you submit your file.

Do you do captioning of videos?
Yes. You can receive your captions in a time coded SRT format to import into your video.