Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies

Title: Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (silent film score)
Composer: Greg Smith
Performer: Greg Smith
Instrumentation: Piano
Product medium: (MP3 recording)
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Burbank Watts has invented a system of fueling cars on the hot air wasted on radio speeches. His invention is not launched without a few teething problems, or some meddling from his rival, Potter Doam, one of the biggest oil cans in the country.

Film released in 1925
Directed by: Del Lord
Written by: Felix Alder, Frank Capra, Al Geibler & Jefferson Moffitt.
Starring: Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde, Lillian Knight, John J. Richardson.

Track 1: The Super-Hooper-Dyne Workshop
Track 2: Meet the father
Track 3: The long haul
Track 4: Gassless Lizzies everywhere
Track 5: Sour gasoline
Track 6: Product demonstration
Track 7: Celebration
Track 8 – Meanwhile, at the workshop – sample.mp3
Track 9 – The night watch
Track 10 – Bump in the night
Track 11 – Little bird