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Arthur Rubinstein’s youthful practice habits

Interviewer: So many children hate to take music lessons. Can you understand this?

Rubinstein: Oh, yes, I was one of them. You see, music lessons mean always this horrible dictatorial attitude of the professors. They slap four fingers and aarh; they shout at you: “Can’t you learn that? You must practice scales!” I mean, it is the same kind of thing children dislike from parents. They are all the time pushed around: “You must do this. Sit straight. You must go now. Brush your teeth again, and now again brush your teeth.” I hated to be pushed and ordered to my piano. I’ll tell you my story about how I studied with closed doors, with cherries and chocolates.

Interviewer: Please do.

Rubinstein: Well, it was when I was living with a private family in Berlin, They were not musical. I had my orders to do two hours practicing. I closed my doors with a key — not to be disturbed. I would put a novel of Zola, or some other writer I was not allowed to read, on the music stand in front of me. Then I had some chocolates to my right and cherries to my left, and I played with my left hand, doodle, doodle, doodle; then I did diddle, diddle, diddle, and chocolates, yum, yum. And, I was reading my book. Then they would say, “Today you really studied with one hand all the time.” Oh, yes. (With mock gravity).

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